Discover the Charm of South Bethany Beach

South Bethany Beach

A Coastal Haven

Along the picturesque Delaware beaches, each town exudes a gentle air of serenity while maintaining its unique style. As you listen to the soothing symphony of waves, wind, and playful gulls, you can’t help but be enveloped in a sense of calm. But when you gaze out, you’ll discover the perfect view that resonates with you. Whether you immerse yourself in Lewes’ rich history, venture off the beaten path to tranquil Bethany Beach, or explore the offerings of other coastal towns, you’ll find a delightful blend of dining, shopping, and entertainment that perfectly matches your style.

Young & Energetic: South Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach welcomes families to a week of restful seaside living. The charming boardwalk keeps kids entertained, while parents can savor family-friendly restaurants and a host of activities. It’s a tranquil retreat where cherished memories are made.

Things to do at South Bethany Beach

Mickey’s Family Crab House Mickey’s Family Crab House is a full-service family crab house located in Bethany Beach, Delaware. They offer a wide range of seafood and crab dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

The Blue Crab The Blue Crab Restaurant in Bethany Beach is known for its All You Can Eat Crabs and is open for lunch. It’s a popular spot to indulge in delicious crab dishes.

Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf Enjoy 18 holes of pirate-themed miniature golf at Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf. It’s conveniently located just two blocks north of Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach.

Bethany Surf Shop The Bethany Surf Shop is situated in the quaint town of Bethany Beach, Delaware, and offers a wide variety of surf-related products and accessories.

Pie At Pie in Bethany Beach, you’ll discover gourmet grilled pizzas, fresh salads, and amazing dessert pies. It’s a great place to satisfy your pizza cravings.

3BB Cafe 3BB Café in Bethany Beach is a hidden gem that you’ll want to find before heading to the sands of Bethany. They offer a delightful dining experience.

Off the Hook Off the Hook is a new restaurant located in Bethany Beach, DE, with a “farm to table” concept. They focus on serving fresh and locally sourced dishes.

Bethany Diner The family-owned and operated Bethany Diner serves up a wide variety of homemade American food, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Bethany Blues BBQ Pit Bethany Blues BBQ Pit has become a Delaware beach classic in just a few years, thanks to its expertly prepared barbecue dishes.


Conclusion - South Bethany Beach

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