Discovering Henlopen Trail

Henlopen Trail

Exploring Cape Henlopen State Park

Welcome to Cape Henlopen State Park, a breathtaking natural treasure nestled at the mouth of the Delaware Bay. With over 6 miles of pristine coastline, this park boasts a rich history and diverse ecosystems that have shaped its landscape for centuries. The strategic location of the park has witnessed the passage of time, from native people thriving off its abundant resources to William Penn granting land privileges in the late 1600s.

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During World War II, Cape Henlopen became the site of Fort Miles, complete with iconic fire control towers along the Atlantic coast. This federal defensive stronghold also served as a training area and testing ground during and after the war. Today, the park is a testament to nature’s beauty and historical significance.

Waterfront Wonders

Cape Henlopen State Park is a paradise for water enthusiasts, attracting thousands of visitors eager to embrace ocean swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, clamming, paddle-boarding, and wind-surfing. The park’s beaches offer a haven for relaxation and adventure, with designated swimming areas patrolled by lifeguards from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The Lewes entrance to the park features the Mobi-Mat equipment, consisting of three 30-foot mats that provide wheelchair and power chair users with easy access to the beach from the boardwalk.

Henlopen Trail: A Natural Marvel

For hikers, bikers, runners, and birdwatchers, Cape Henlopen State Park offers the Henlopen Trail, a beloved coastal trail that winds through its salt marshes. Stretching over 5 miles, this trail connects the charming resort towns of Lewes and Rehoboth.

As you journey along the trail, you’ll encounter the stunning beauty of Gordons Pond, a 900-acre saltwater lagoon with picturesque views. The trail begins at the Herring Point parking area in Lewes and culminates at the Gordon Pond parking area in Rehoboth Beach.

The finely crushed gravel trail includes an elevated boardwalk with two scenic overlooks. Closer to the southern end, near Rehoboth, you’ll find an overlook onto the lagoon, home to a diverse array of waterfowl. Gordons Pond is renowned as one of North America’s four migration superhighways for waterfowl.

While traversing the trail, remember to be a considerate and safe trail user. Use your bell and announce your presence well in advance when passing others on your bike. This trail isn’t about speed; it’s a journey meant to be savored and relished, offering breathtaking sights and the soothing sounds of wildlife.

Conclusion - Henlopen Trail

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